I believe that art making and art appreciation are life skills and that every student is inherently creative. As an art educator, I help students develop the artistic skills needed to successfully express themselves through art making. I curate a learning environment that is safe, inspirational, and engaging, and where students curiosity is nourished. Autonomy in the art room requires responsibility on behalf of the student. I encourage independence and believe it fosters a growth mindset where creative problem solving and critical thinking have the opportunity to develop. When a student seeks help, I encourage them to attempt to resolve their issue independently or with the help of their peers. Guiding students to engage and persist during this process brings me great joy. 

My curriculum is focused on student process and skill development. Teaching with multiple modalities and differentiation provides an inclusive learning environment that allows students to stretch and explore. Making connections to the art world beyond the classroom is a foundation of teaching art appreciation. Connecting students to historical and contemporary art and artists promotes a sense of global community. Through passion and practice, I provide students with an understanding that art is accessible.